Old school London legend returns with his traditional style


Witty and colourful Bristol based 45RPM brings his creative and playful style to the festival.


ACHES is well-known for his impressive ability to combine realistic elements with graffiti style. His eye-catching murals showcase a unique blend of technical skill storytelling. ACHES stands out as an artist pushing the limits of modern street art with his innovative approach and captivating works.


Raw and rugged classic graffiti.


Italian writer BRUS will be showing off his classic flow. A style master and letter legend, he comes highly recommended.



CAPTAIN’s graffiti art embodies the playful and vibrant world of comic book superheroes, featuring bold colors and a strong influence from comic book culture. Their work captures the fun essence of superheroes.



Legendary London writer CATCH will be joining the festival for the first time showing off his classic London style.



Church Of Best ever create beautiful artworks that merge realism with a level of abstract.


A big name coming out of Birmingham ready to show the world what he’s made of. 


The ever loveable rogue that is DINER returns with his effortless class. Most likely artist to show you a picture of his dog.



A pioneer in his own right, the North London man behind World Domination crew. DRAX will be painting his original and well recognised lettering alongside WISE CBM.



Bring The Paint is proud to be presenting the up and coming Leicester based DSET. Classic lettering full of talent. This is one to watch if he can just keep himself out of the Lounge Bar.. 



Birmingham based graffiti writer whose letters bounce off the walls with colour.


ERWTJE, the Dutch artist, crafts stylized characters within traditional graffiti settings, weaving intricacy and moodiness into his pieces. Merging detailed design with interesting landscapes ERWTJE creates some really cool artworks.


Fanakapan is a London-based street artist known for his strikingly realistic helium balloon murals. Using spray paint with a mix of chrome effects, he creates 3D illusions that seem to pop off the wall, turning urban environments into whimsical landscapes. A self-taught artist and former prop designer, Fanakapan has painted murals across the world.


Illustrator, designer and graffiti legend Flying Fortress stamped his name in graffiti culture when he created the ‘Teddy Trooper’. A maker of all things cool, this German artist will be brightening up the city with his recognisable creativity.



Birmingham based GENT is a hugely artist with an iconic style. So laid back he’s horizontal GENT is an amazing artist to watch at work. 


Gloverman is a deaf artist who has been delivering workshops for the deaf community in the lead up to the festival. His artwork will be delivered as part of this project.


Brazilian artist GUIME joins the festival presenting a really fun and bouncy illustrative style.


Persistent painting crew HATED BUT RATED will be working together to deliver a mixture of classic graffiti lettering with a bit extra thrown in.


HNRX has a very abstract approach to his work. This year he will be collaborating with Flying Fortress to create something really cool.



 IDLE manages to merge a wealth of talent with the ability to fall out with everyone he meets


Bristol legend, INKIE is known for his distinctive art nouveau style  to painting merging flowing characters with calligraphic lettering. Most likely to turn up late.



JO-BER alongside his counterpart POES creates really fun and intricate artworks that tell a story. For Bring The Paint they will be working on their current series of the adventures of Gilgamesh.  Loads of fun make sure you check this wall out.



KID ACNE is a modern-day renaissance man having maintained a dynamic career since emerging as a prominent Street Artist in the late 1990’s. His work is characterized by bold typography and recurring motifs, often taking inspiration from traditional folklore and world mythology, blending fantasy tropes with contemporary socio-political commentary in his own unique aesthetic.


 Kinos is a Dutch artist who has a strong interest in typography. Looking at letter forms, language and symbols he creates huge collage style pieces that focus on language in a digital age.



International man of mystery  KOST returns to Bring The Paint bringing classic stylish graffiti lettering on a large scale. 


Lucy Danielle mixes crisp graphic styles with traditional graffiti to create incredibly cool illustrative artworks that are both unique and full of style..



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Bring the Paint runs loads of events and activities across the city during the festival – from street art tours and talks through to workshops and performances.