Undisputed King of the Bucharest system MSERO will be painting his perfectly executed pieces to Leicester. His first Bring The Paint we are looking forward to this wall..



N4T4 delivers complex beauty each time he steps up to the wall. Traditional images interwoven with intricate details, his artwork is original and amazing in equal measure. 


NFA Crew

Most likely crew to have more people in their hotel rooms than they should. 


Nuno Viegas

Nuno Viega combines photorealism with underground graffiti imagery to create incredibly unique and perfectly executed works


 Bring The Paint is super excited to show off this style master. Flying in from Romania OHBOY will bring letters and colours full of funk.



Classic letters, traditional styles, expect everything that is good about graffiti lettering in their collaboration with CAPTAIN.



 An artist with an incredible talent, PHILTH comes back to Leicester to team up with his Never Ready team mate N4T4. If he’s not playing reggae you’re not in front of PHILTH.



Working alongside his good friend and partner in crime JO-BER, POES will be working on their current series of artworks forcusing on the historical adventures of Gilgamesh. Super cool, details and vibrant this will be an incredibly interesting wall.



Incredibly talented crew behind the infamous Show Must Go On series. A mixture of letter masters and portrait realism their work will impress. 



 Known for his bouncy and vibrant artworks, Sam Grubb brings a distinctive energy to his illustrative characters.



Swiss artist Smash137 will be out to impress with his signature blend of calligraphy and graffiti. His work, characterized by intricate linework and a bold color palette, solidifies Smash137’s reputation as a pioneer in the graffiti world


An underground crew who showcased a great wall back in 2022. We are really looking forward to seeing what they come up with this year.



In 2017, Australian artist SMUG painted what went on to become the most photographed sites in Leicester. A world leader in stylised photo realism, this year SMUG will be collaborating with the letter master BRUS. We are very excited.



Sofles, the Aussie artist and legend, captures attention with his energetic and creative graffiti pieces, blending bold colors and intricate details to create a unique style that leaves a lasting impression.


 A super talented artist with a passion for LA style graffiti STRAID brings fusions of colour and complex layers to perfectly executed pieces.


Super A, the Dutch artist, wows with his murals that mix realistic details and imaginative stories. Known for turning urban spaces into dreamlike scenes, Super A’s art captures attention and pushes boundaries.



SWET is a staple for traditional graffiti lovers across the globe. A style master with absolute flow.



Birmingham based artist TEMPO is famous for his giant faces but he’s also great with letters.


TRIPL, the Dutch superhero behind the incredible exhibition Repainting Subway Art, brings a refreshing and wholly original approach to graffiti, injecting playfulness and creativity with a unique and enjoyable twist.



London legend VAMP is pretty famous for being splashed across the press during his conviction but he’s also a pretty good graffiti writer.


Imagine an oil painting meets graffiti art and you’ve got VOYDER. His artwork focuses on realism in interesting settings and often fuses graffiti lettering with portraiture. He’s going through some changes and his artwork reflects this approach.



Letter master ZINER will be painting his largest wall for Bring The Paint yet merging traditional lettering and realism. 


UK legend ZOMBY is a compulsory and iconic piece of UK graffiti heritage. ZOMBY will be joined by MEAR and NAME on his wall.


We need your help

Organising a major festival like Bring the Paint involves a lot of people, and we’re always interested in hearing from people interested in volunteering a few hours of their time to help things run smoothly. Hit the button for more details.


Bring the Paint runs loads of events and activities across the city during the festival – from street art tours and talks through to workshops and performances.